I want to do more, but my work limits my time~ I should do something fantastic but I don’t know what to do do! I do OC day already I donno what I could do besides drawing (/;u;)/ rawr~ <3 but Thank you (/’u’)/ Thank you for wub wubbing the art arts ‘u’ and helping me get better than I was before~ <3<3<3 Yus?

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    *sings “The Best Day Ever” in Spongebobs voice*
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    Mod: Since the very beginning…I loved your art. I still do. Seeing you improve this much, it moves me. I am very...
  4. sonicdash answered: I do what I can. Thats what friends are for…
  5. ask-spectrum answered: Do what every you feel like your doing hun
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  7. scarflank answered: I can never concentrate when you look so sexy all the time. Would it be alright if I call you master~?
  8. nepetas-guard answered: Well You do really well and i do enjoy your art. But I would like to see you draw. Could you post when you are live streaming?
  9. symbianl answered: I’m not a big fan of anthropomorphism but she just looks adorable. XD
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  11. kii-chan99 said: Damn that sexy~